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EV Charger Business Installation

We cover the installation, service and maintenance of EV chargepoints throughout Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Our electrical engineers are fully trained in commercial and industrial installations.

Commercial EV Charger Solutions

  • Expert Engineers for Your EV Charging Points
    Our team of experienced engineers specialises in commercial EV charger installations and maintenance. Whether you need a survey, installation, maintenance, or upgrades, we have the expertise to meet your requirements.

  • Lighting Solutions for Enhanced Safety
    In addition to EV chargers, we understand the importance of proper lighting in commercial spaces. Our services take into account factors such as winter nights, ensuring your surroundings are well-lit for enhanced safety, saving you time and money.

  • Versatility Across Leading EV Chargepoint Brands
    We are proficient in working with a wide range of EV chargepoint brands. Whether it's popular brands like Tesla, Zappi, EVO EV, or specialised brands like Andersen or EO, our team can provide you with comprehensive information and guidance.

Electric Car Charger

Contact us today to discover how our Commercial EV Charger Solutions can meet your specific needs and contribute to a more sustainable and efficient environment for your public shopping areas, office carparks, and similar facilities.

EV Chargepoint Services

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Q: What types of chargepoints do you install and service?

We have expertise in installing and servicing a wide range of chargepoints, including fast chargers, rapid chargers, and destination chargers. We work with various reputable brands to provide you with the most suitable chargepoint solutions for your facility.

Q: How often should chargepoints be serviced?

Regular servicing is essential to maintain the optimal performance and safety of your chargepoints. The frequency of servicing depends on factors such as usage, environmental conditions, and manufacturer recommendations. Our team can assess your specific needs and provide a customized servicing schedule.

Q: Can you handle chargepoint installations in multiple locations?

Absolutely! We have the capacity and expertise to handle chargepoint installations across multiple locations. Whether you require installations in different office buildings or public areas, we can efficiently coordinate and execute the projects.

Q: Do you provide emergency repair services for charge points?

Yes, we offer emergency repair services to address any urgent issues with your chargepoints. Our team is available to promptly respond and resolve electrical faults or malfunctions to minimise downtime and ensure uninterrupted charging services.

Q: Are your electricians certified and experienced?

Yes, our electricians are highly skilled, certified, and experienced in working with chargepoint installations. They undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest technologies and industry best practices, ensuring top-quality workmanship.

Looking for a reliable electrician for your next project? Look no further. Our team at Treadaway Electrical Services Ltd is here to help. We offer a wide range of electrical services and are committed to providing excellent service to our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

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